Northeastern Ohio Christian Youth Camp – Lisbon, Ohio


A Brief History

Don and Francis Hill went to camp back in 1947 at Fort Hill as it was beginning. Ted and Mary Waller met them there in 1948 and have been associated with them in camp work ever since. When Mary and Ted moved to Ninth Street in Canton in 1954, they went to camp at Hervida. Then, in association with Jack Hawkins of Massillon, they decided to start a camp in the area. The next year, Bob Manasco had replaced Jack Hawkins at Massillon and they called a meeting of all parties interested in starting a camp. Don and Francis Hill came to that meeting.

Great Trail Girl Scout Camp, near Minerva, was rented and NOCYC was on its way. Various places were rented for a number of years and then Don and Francis Hill decided to buy a farm near Lisbon and give forty acres to the camp. After a couple of more frustrating years renting, in a board meeting in January it was decided that this was the year they were going to meet on the forty acres.

There wasn’t a thing to serve a camp, but they had to get their advertising out for the coming summer. They had to build a road, get electricity to the property, drill a well, build a dining hall and kitchen, build a sewage disposal plant, and construct ten cabins and the assembly shelter. It was a late, wet spring and the first graded site for the dining hall caved in. Don Hill was the leader of the project and you can hardly imagine how long and hard he worked to get it ready for campers in that August. Volunteer workers did almost all the work. Ted Waller was in charge of construction of the cabins. Don Hill did it all with his usual frugality. It was a great and exhilarating time, the fulfillment of a dream, but for Don, it was the most exhausting time of his life. It is unfortunate that succeeding generations cannot know the dedication and sacrifice that made it possible.

In 1973, NOCYC held it first year at its new campgrounds, thanks to all the hard work and dedication of all the men and women who volunteered of their time and money to make a dream come true.

Where we are now

Today we are a camp of 47 acres with many improvements that have been made through out the years. Our latest addition, that is still a work in progress, is our pool storage building. It will house our vinyl pool though the off season and has a pump room built in to protect our pool pumps. It also has a much needed restroom for that area. There is still much work to be done on this building yet, so if you have any free time and would like to volunteer to help us, please call Leroy Toothman at 330-424-3726.

Dreams for NOCYC

We all have dreams for the future of NOCYC. Just a couple of our works in progress will be to build a storage building for our Maintenance Departmant and a playground area for our smaller children. We also want to build a Directors Cabin in memory of Bill Covan. There is also a dream to build a sports pavilion so that we may have an under cover place to play basketball and our games and sports in the future. We also have another major project that none of us like to think about, but in reality, to keep our camp open, someday will have to be addressed. We will need to replace our sewage disposal system and this will be a huge undertaking, but, it will be a necessity. Another project that needs to be addressed in the future, will be how to deal with our lake area. It is still an ever changing area, so it is hard to evaluate how to address it at this time. These all take funds. If you would like to donate to any of these causes, please send your check, earmarked for your project you would like to support, to NOCYC, 8122 St Jacobs Logtown Rd, Lisbon, OH 44432.